Sir John A. Macdonald Library

    The Sir John A. Macdonald Library seeks to become the essential place for researchers, students, artists and the public to engage with the history and heritage of Macdonald and his contemporaries. The library is an online collection of artefacts, texts, images and other materials, which are both historical and interpreted by scholars and artists.
    All of our items relate, in some way, to Canada's first Prime Minister. We are committed to research, digitize and curate materials from across Canada into a single virtual and socially activated space.
    The Library is based in SALON Macdonald, located at the historic St. Andrew's Manse in Macdonald's hometown of Kingston, Ontario.  Our mandate is to engage with art and history as a way to fight apathy, especially among our youth.  As part of this mandate, the Sir John A. Macdonald library seeks to become more than a collection of relics, but a living, breathing social space inviting consideration of our past to illuminate our present and future.
    You are invited to register as a user, contribute items of artistic, scholarly or historical interest, and to comment on items of interest to you. Enjoy your visit.